Sunday, March 24, 2002
Welcome Reception 
University Park Holiday Inn
State Rm

Monday, March 25, 2002
7:30 Continental Breakfast
State Rm

Session 1 - Analysis, part 1
Session Chair:  Nevil Brownlee, University of Auckland
State Rm
9:00 Welcome
Rick Whitner, Conference Chairperson, Agilent Laboratories
9:15 Estimating Router ICMP Generation Delays
Ramesh Govindan and Vern Paxson
9:45 Pathload:  A Measurement Tool for End-to-end Available Bandwidth
Manish Jain and Constantinos Dovrolis

10:15 Morning Break

Session 2 - Analysis, part 2
Session Chair:  Ronn Ritke, NLANR
State Rm
10:45 Analysis of End-to-end Delay Measurements in Internet
C.J. Bovy, H.T. Mertodimedjo, G. Hooghiemstra, H. Uijterwaal and P. Van Mieghem
11:15 S-Net: A Software System for Analyzing Packet Header Databases
Jin Cao, William S. Cleveland and Don X. Sun
11:45 Packet Delay and Loss at the Auckland Internet Access Path
Klaus Mochalski, Jörg Micheel and Stephen Donnelly

12:15  Lunch Colorado Room

Session 3 - Analysis, part 3
Session Chair: Tony McGregor, University of Waikato
State Rm
13:45 Measuring One-Way Metrics Without a GPS
Augusto Ciuffoletti
14:15 New Measurements with the RIPE NCC Test Traffic Measurements Setup
Maximo Alves, Luigi Corsello, Daniel Karrenberg, Cagdas Ögüt, Mark Santcroos, 
Reinhard Sojka, Henk Uijterwaal and René Wilhelm

14:45 Afternoon Break

Session 4 - Sampling and Modeling
Session Chair: Kim Claffy, CAIDA
State Rm
15:15 Validation of the WAND Simulator Through Comparison with Laboratory Tests
A.J. McGregor, M. W. Pearson and D.H.T. Lawson
15:45 Deployment of Sampling Methods for SLA Validation with Non-Intrusive Measurements 
Tanja Zseby
16:15 Poster Session and Demonstration
  A Scalable System for Sharing Internet Measurements
Mark Allman, Ethan Blanton and Wesley M. Eddy
  Analysing Campus Traffic Using the Meter-MIB
Remco Poortinga, Remco van de Meent and Aiko Pras
  Long Distance Visibility of the Ethernet Capture Effect
Bob Melander, Mats Björkman and Per Gunningberg
  Traffic Monitoring with Packet-Based Sampling for Defense Against Security Threats
Joseph Reves and Sonia Panchen
  Wireless Measurement and Analysis on HPWREN
Todd Hansen, Pavana Yalamanchili and Hans-Werner Braun
  PeriScope:  An Active Measurement API
Khaled Harfoush, Azer Bestavros and John Byers

18:30 Cash Bar Opens Arizona Rm
19:00 Dinner/Entertainment
Comedy Works Entertainment presents Plastered in Paris
University Park Holiday Inn
Arizona Rm

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
7:30 Continental Breakfast
State Rm

Session 5 - Network Operations and Monitoring
Session Chair: Anura Jayasumana, CSU
State Rm
9:00 Combining Multilayer, Topological and Configuration Information in Performance Analysis
Marc Pucci
9:30 On Active Measurements in QoS-Enabled IP Networks
Rick Whitner, Graham Pollock and Casey Cook
10:00 Multicast Routing Debugger (MRD) - A System to Monitor the Status of Multicast Network
Jaeyoung Lee, Heonkyu Park, Woohyung Choi and Kilnam Chon

10:30 Morning Break

Session 6 - Performance Modeling
Session Chair: Henk Uijterwall, RIPE-NCC
State Rm
11:00 Relationship Between Quality-of-Service and Quality-of-Experience for Public Internet Service
Stas Khirman and Peter Henriksen
11:30 A New Approach to Performance Monitoring in IP Networks -- Combining Active and Passive Methods
Thomas Lindh
12:00 Response Time Distributions for Global Name Servers
Nevil Brownlee and Ilze Ziedins

12:30 Lunch State Rm

Session 7- Network Measurement Infrastructure
Session Chair:  Les Cottrell, SLAC
State Rm
14:00 Monitoring Protocol Traffic with a MAGNeT
M. K. Gardner, W. Feng and J. R. Hay
14:30 TICKETing High-Speed Traffic with Commodity Software and Hardware
Eric Weigle and Wu-chun Feng
15:00 IPMP: IP Measurement Protocol
M.J. Luckie and A.J. McGregor

15:30 Afternoon Break

15:45 Panel Discussion State Rm
16:45 Wrap up State Rm
17:00 Conference Ends